Powder Coating Electrical Enclosure Box with Hinges and Gaskets

Powder Coating Electrical Enclosure Box with Hinges and Gaskets
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Size: Small/Medium/Large
Protection Level: IP20/IP65/IP67
Application: Indoor/Outdoor
Accessories: Screws/Gaskets/Hinges
Shape: Square/ Rectangular/ Circular
Installation: Wall/Floor/Ceiling
Color: White/Black/Gray
Surface Treatment: Powder Coating/ Anodizing/ Painting
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Electrical Enclosure Box
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Product Description

Product Description:

An Aluminum Enclosure Box is a perfect solution for safely containing and protecting electrical components and wiring. It is a versatile and durable product, suitable for a variety of uses, such as electrical control systems, computer and telecom equipment, and industrial automation. Our Electrical Enclosure Box is made of high-grade aluminum, which is strong and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use and harsh environments. It is available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, and comes with a variety of voltage options – 110V, 220V, and 380V. It also has a range of current capacities – 10A, 20A, and 30A. To ensure your box is able to withstand the toughest conditions, we offer a variety of surface treatments – Powder Coating, Anodizing, and Painting. Furthermore, our Electrical Enclosure Box comes with all the necessary accessories, such as Screws, Gaskets, and Hinges. We also offer a Clear Plastic Enclosure Box that is perfect for monitoring and inspection purposes. With our wide selection of Electrical Control Boxes, you are sure to find the perfect solution for your application!


  • Product Name: Electrical Enclosure Box
  • Material: Metal/Plastic
  • Protection Level: IP20/IP65/IP67
  • Installation: Wall/Floor/Ceiling
  • Current: 10A/20A/30A
  • Temperature Range: -20℃~+80℃
  • Electric Boxes Controller Boxes
  • Electrical Gang Box
  • CNC Enclosure Box

Technical Parameters:

Parameters Specifications
Voltage 110V/220V/380V
Current 10A/20A/30A
Material Metal/Plastic
Shape Square/Rectangular/Circular
Installation Wall/Floor/Ceiling
Color White/Black/Gray
Surface Treatment Powder Coating/ Anodizing/ Painting
Accessories Screws/Gaskets/Hinges
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Size Small/Medium/Large
Products Electrical Boxes And Cover, Clear Plastic Enclosure Box, Circuit Breaker Enclosure Box


Electrical Enclosure Box

The Electrical Enclosure Box is a great choice for indoor and outdoor applications. It is manufactured with brand name Electrical Enclosure Box and made in China. It is available in various shapes, such as square, rectangular, and circular. It also carries current up to 10A, 20A, and 30A. It comes in three different sizes; small, medium, and large, so you can choose the one that fits your needs. Moreover, it can be installed either on the wall, floor, or ceiling.

The Electrical Enclosure Box is suitable for various electrical control boxes, electric connection boxes, and electronics packing boxes. It is designed to protect and secure electrical wires and components. It is made of robust material, ensuring it is durable and reliable. It is also compact and lightweight and easy to install and maintain.


Customize Your Electrical Enclosure Box

Make sure your Electrical Enclosure Box meets your needs with our customization options. Our Electrical Enclosure Boxes are designed for Circuit Breaker Enclosure Box, Electronics Packaging Box, Extruded Aluminum Electronics Enclosure and more.

Choose Your Brand Name

Brand Name: Electrical Enclosure Box

Choose Your Place of Origin

Place of Origin: China

Choose Your Voltage Capacity

Voltage: 110V/220V/380V

Choose Your Accessories

Accessories: Screws/Gaskets/Hinges

Choose Your Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment: Powder Coating/ Anodizing/ Painting

Choose Your Protection Level

Protection Level: IP20/IP65/IP67

Choose Your Installation Method

Installation: Wall/Floor/Ceiling

Support and Services:

Electrical Enclosure Box Technical Support and Service

If you encounter any issues with your Electrical Enclosure Box, we are here to help. Our team of experienced technicians can provide support and assistance to troubleshoot any problems you may be having.


Our team of experienced installers can handle the installation of your Electrical Enclosure Box. We can provide on-site installation, as well as remote installation and configuration services.


We provide a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure your Electrical Enclosure Box is in top condition. We can provide scheduled maintenance, as well as emergency repair services.


Our team of experienced trainers can provide training on the usage of your Electrical Enclosure Box. We offer on-site training, as well as remote training and support.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Electrical Enclosure Box

The Electrical Enclosure Box is packaged and shipped in standard cardboard boxes with a protective foam insert. The boxes are provided with bubble wrap and sealed securely for safe delivery. The boxes are designed to protect the Electrical Enclosure Box during shipping and handling.

We use reliable carriers to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your Electrical Enclosure Box. We offer a variety of shipping methods to meet your needs and budget. We also offer expedited shipping options for rush orders.

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns about the packaging and shipping of your Electrical Enclosure Box, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.


Q1: What is Electrical Enclosure Box?

A1: Electrical Enclosure Box is a product brand from China, offering a wide range of electrical enclosures for residential and commercial applications.

Q2: What materials are used to make Electrical Enclosure Box?

A2: Electrical Enclosure Box is made from high-grade materials that are designed to protect the contents inside from external environmental factors.

Q3: What are the advantages of using Electrical Enclosure Box?

A3: Electrical Enclosure Box provides superior protection against dust, moisture, and other environmental conditions. It also offers a secure fit and is easy to install and maintain.

Q4: What type of applications can Electrical Enclosure Box be used for?

A4: Electrical Enclosure Box is suitable for a variety of applications, including residential and commercial applications. It can be used for low voltage installations such as wiring, lighting, and control systems.

Q5: What sizes are available for Electrical Enclosure Box?

A5: Electrical Enclosure Box is available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The sizes range from small enclosures to large enclosures for larger applications.

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